Brushstrokes and Markers by Pam Bonsper

After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, I joined Caste Action Alliance. It was incumbent upon our members to not only read and discuss books about Black history and racism, but to use our individual talents to bring awareness and healing to our nation.

By 2023, I was filled with historical facts and figures from 1619 to present day. Systemic racism and anti-African American policies at all levels of government and society filled my head with images. Some were dreadful and some were more hopeful. 


I began to transfer the images to canvases, thus recording some of the important historical moments with brushstrokes and markers. My goal has been to drill down on racism and discrimination of all people of color and gender identities, and to promote understanding, diversity, and acceptance through art.

THE PAINTING DESCRIPTION PAGE has more information about what I was thinking as I designed and completed each picture.


Email Pam Bonsper to order individual prints or a book with all the paintings.  A portion of the proceeds go to the CAA Scholarship Fund. Consult Pam for pricing. 


Select each image to see a larger version and a description

Because We Need Each Other (Clouds)
Because We Need Each Other (Rainbow)
Black History Hurts
Broken Dreams
Built on their Backs
Erasure in the Workplace
Friendship Bouquet
In Memorium
Mixed Bouquet
Monterey County Cultural Heritage
Music Stole, Talent Erased
Out of the Closet, Into the Tribe
Policing: The Good and The Ugly
Rainbow Bouquet
Strange Fruit
The Georgia-man
White Privilege

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“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.” ~ Frederick Douglass