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After hearing the Governor of Florida warn his citizens to be aware of the WOKE virus (it’s everywhere!) I wanted to scream! How the word has been misinterpreted is a shame. It has been weaponized, twisted like a pretzel, and used to denote any policy, idea, and/or fact that far right conspiracists disagree with.

The truth is: The word WOKE has been used in African American communities since the 1940s. It became more popular during the Black Lives Matter movement. The meaning is what it sounds like: to be woken up or sensitized to issues of injustice. 

I thought of a way to define WOKE and decided to put my definition on canvas. It is very simple: 

WOKE means: Wanting to Obtain Knowledge through Education. I hope you like it. And I hope you spread the WOKE virus! Let’s hope everyone gets WOKE. It sure would be a better world.