Caste Book Giveaway

Spreading the Word

Members are encouraged to give away a minimum of five Caste books per year. Keep track of who you give your books to. At the end of the year, we’ll tally how many books have been given out to date.  

You will also want to share your list of high-profile people you have given books to – government officials, school boards, police chiefs, etc. so new members know who already received books locally and nationally. 

We simultaneously educate ourselves and others to recognize and stand up to social injustice— focusing on creating a society that works well for everyone.

 One of the ways we educate others is by spreading the word about the book, Caste. We also give away as many copies of the book as possible. Each member is asked to give away at least five copies of the book each year. We focus on getting this book into the hands of people in positions of influence and power such as educators, libraries, school administrators, law enforcement, government officials, and members of the clergy. 

 Our overall intention is to educate by sharing the truths in this profoundly well-documented book tailored to appropriate grade levels and implemented throughout educational institutions nationally and globally.  


“Your silence will not protect you.” ~ Audre Lorde