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White Privilege

The plants tell the story. A plant from a healthy seed, raised with proper care and nurturance, will develop into a strong plant. Seeds raised with deprivation and insufficient nutrition will develop into sorrowful plants which will wither and die. 

When whites sprouted, we were clutching certificates of authenticity, guaranteeing us a top spot in a competitive world. A friend of mine bemoaned the fact that there is such a concept as white privilege. “My dad and mom came from Ireland. They worked their butts off. They weren’t given any breaks. Why should it be any different for Blacks?” 

My answer: Slavery is what made the difference. Whites came to the United States as free persons. They had to work hard, but they were able to build up wealth. Blacks, on the other hand, were considered the bottom rung of a deliberately designed (by Whites) caste system. Lack of nurturance and fairness has resulted in sorrowful generational outcomes.