Scholarship Recipients

2022 - $10,000 Awarded

The Students

  • Name: Adonis 
  • School: Aviation Institute of Maintenance 


Adonis aspires to become an Aircraft Mechanic, fueled by a lifelong passion for aviation and a knack for repairing objects. His commitment to solving complex challenges and his attention to detail make him well-suited for the field. Adonis’s determination, focus, and strong work ethic ensure his success in achieving his goals.

He has actively engaged with the Young Eagles Club, gaining insights into aviation and even flying personal aircraft with a pilot. Adonis has also pursued martial arts, achieving a first-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Gray belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He volunteers and showcases his musical talents by playing the piano.

This scholarship is vital to Adonis as it will enable him to attend the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Duluth, Georgia, where he can fulfill his dream of a career in the aviation industry. 

Adonis recognizes the hardships faced by his enslaved ancestors, motivating him to pursue a fulfilling career while helping others. 


  • Name: Carlos 

  • School: Reed College 



Carlos has a deep passion for art, science, and literacy that has been nurtured since childhood. His artistic endeavors blend nature and imagination, allowing him to express himself and think innovatively. His explorations into biology and the environment have led him to consider himself a scientist. Art and science are essential components of his life, fostering creativity and hard work.

Carlos’s commitment to literacy extends from his own struggles with reading. He has served as a reading buddy for younger students and organized book donation drives to promote reading. He believes that literacy opens doors to new possibilities for individuals.

Coming from a family with educators and a history of hard work, Carlos values the transformative power of education. He has also actively engaged with organizations dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for African-American students, enriching his cultural understanding and deepening his connection to his heritage.

“Thank you for awarding me the Caste Action Alliance Scholarship. This scholarship will help me receive scientific training that will enable me to pursue a career as a geoscientist and do research related to environmental preservation.”


  • Name: Jenaye 

  • School: University of California, Los Angeles



Jenaye’s is on the path to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in Japanese, aiming to address health disparities in underserved communities.

Her experiences during the pandemic solidified her passion for nursing, motivating her to volunteer at the Veterans Hospital, and taking the first step in her career. As an officer for the Japan American Culture Club, she fosters cultural exchange and unity among people with diverse backgrounds.

Jenaye is driven to be a representation of excellence as a female African-American leader, challenging stereotypes and biases. She aims to be the role model she wished for and promotes acceptance and mutual growth. Her commitment to helping and supporting others, coupled with her artistic talents, defines her character and purpose.

For Jenaye, this scholarship signifies more than financial support; it symbolizes her community’s backing in her quest to support others and make a difference in the nursing profession, ensuring that underrepresented voices are heard and healthcare disparities are addressed.

“I am so grateful to receive this award. This support motivates me to continue pursuing my passion. I will do my best to become a fantastic nurse. My goal for this year is to volunteer at a veteran nursing home, explore nursing clubs, and start my nursing clinical.” 


  • Name: Javier

  • School: University of California, Berkeley



Javi’s academic journey from a low-income background reflects a strong drive to understand and address economic disparities. Majoring in economics at Hartnell College, he’s developed a real-world understanding of inequalities through his federal work-study job as a front desk assistant and his role as a student ambassador for the Office of Equity Programs.

Javi’s goal is to apply his economics studies to his community. He believes government programs are essential in reducing economic imbalances. His ambition is to be a charismatic, transformational leader who leads by example, potentially in the military, business, or political sphere.

Javi’s unique life experiences and resilience make him an ideal scholarship recipient. As the first young man in his family to attend a community college and transfer, he’s faced numerous challenges but remains determined to achieve his educational goals. He’s turned hurdles into opportunities, demonstrating his capabilities.

His connection to Afro-Mexican culture and enslaved ancestors from the region of Southwestern Guerrero, Mexico, enriches his cultural identity and informs his career choice as an economist working for the government. Despite past hardships, Javi’s on-campus work-study job has opened up new opportunities, and he’s grateful for the chance to make a difference in his community.

“Thank you for your selection for this scholarship and your support of my education.”


  • Name: Madison 

  • School: Brown University 



Madison plans to dual major in neurobiology and sociology, merging a passion for sciences and humanities. She excelled in STEM courses, delving into complex topics like neurobiology and molecular genetics. Her interest in sociology stems from a love of human interaction and a desire to build strong relationships through communication and empathy. As a leader, she demonstrated her abilities as Senior Editor of the yearbook, Co-Captain of the Fine Arts Dance Ensemble, and a three-sport athlete.

Her personal journey is deeply tied to a family history of slavery and oppression, which fuels her commitment to addressing trauma experienced by African-Americans. She aspires to become a psychiatrist and create a Black-centered mental health practice. Her strong communication skills and leadership are evident in her involvement with Black Students Demanding Change.

I am greatly honored to receive the 2022 Caste Action Alliance scholarship. This scholarship was extremely impactful as I was able to share my ethnic background, how my family history has shaped my goals, and my love for education. This scholarship will assist me in attending the university of my dreams and pursuing my educational passions.” 


  • Name: Kennedy 

  • School: Indiana University Bloomington



Kennedy is pursuing a master’s and Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology. Her focus is on the impact of African ancestry on global cultures. She plans to study the diversity within the Black diaspora, transcending geographic borders. She is eager to address the lack of comprehensive and culturally sensitive research in this field.

She has been involved with the NAACP and the College of Arts & Science Student Council. 

Kennedy’s ancestry traces back to Moses Gentry, a slave brought to Virginia in 1860. 

“My academic journey aligns with my passion for genealogy and understanding global Black culture. Your support will empower me to explore this important field and contribute to inclusive anthropological research.”


Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” ~  Fannie Lou Hamer