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Black History Hurts

 I had been sewing totes using African Prints and decided to use some of the patterns in a Black History poster. Large circles ran across the canvas, their colors deep and the reds so dark, it looked like blood. The many small gold circles which surrounded the large globes in no obvious pattern were troubling. Confusing and dangerous, they seemed to be setting traps, or at least, sowing discord. The feeling I had as I painted was telling me something. It was telling me, “Black history hurts!”

And so, where to go from there? I chose the right-hand corner and flowers appeared, a promise of something better. I reminded myself that this painting’s purpose was to depict Black History Month and so I ran the colors, red, black, and green up the center and found another piece of fabric with what appeared to be links. My mind, of course, went to the chains of bondage, the hurt returned and so I added hearts. A saying came to me: Black History Hurts, Knowing It Heals.

I truly believe that we must not fear facing the facts about Black history. Perhaps by knowing the facts, we as a nation will be healed.

It’s certainly a place to start.