Race Relations Summit

CAA Participated

Event Host: BLAAC (Black Leaders And Allies Collaborative) 

A one-day summit meeting of lecture, discovery, exercise, and dialogue. 

The purpose of the “Race Relations Summit Meeting” is the unification, collaboration, and cross-pollination of local and regional civic leaders and social justice, and social equity organizations, regarding training, information, and resources as it relates to the vision and mission of each organization, race relations, policies, and practices. 


  • Heighten levels of understanding and awareness
  • To broaden network and collaboration opportunities regarding race relations and race-related issues
  • An organic cohesive front mobilized against a defined social threat
  • A defined portal and methodology for access to growth resources
  • Inform and educate of available resources
  • Extract information regarding needs and limitations 

Intended Audience

  • Local and Regional Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Monterrey County District Attorney’s Office
  • Public Health Organizations and Agencies
  • Mental Health Organizations and Agencies
  • Mayors & City Council Members
  • County Supervisors
  • Assembly Representatives
  • Education/Academic Leaders
  • Housing Authorities and Agencies
  • Anti-racist, social equity, and social justice organizations
  1. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carol McKibben
  2. Guest Speaker: Dr. Jenny de la Hoz
  3. Presentations: NCBI

Over twenty community leaders representing regional infinity groups, and social equity/ social justice community partners.

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The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice.” ~ Bryan Stevenson