CAA in the News

Pam Bonsper, East Village Art Exhibit

There is a powerful exhibit wrapping up at East Village Cafe in Monterey. The artist is Pam Bonsper, who has a gift for distilling Black history into an educational and moving image. Her work addresses racism and diversity through art. You can find many of her works on the website of the Caste Action Alliance. CAA is a group of individuals based out of Monterey County, rising up for social and restorative justice. The above piece by Bonsper is titled “White Privilege” and represents “my thoughts… landing on the canvas,” Bonsper wrote on CAA’s website. “The plants tell the story,“ she wrote. “A plant from a healthy seed, raised with proper care and nurturance, will develop into a strong plant. Seeds raised with deprivation and insufficient nutrition will develop into sorrowful plants which will wither and die.” [AP]