Democratic Women of Monterey County

More Networking Opportunities

Rosalyn Green, Da’Ja’ Robinson, and Skylar Chubbs presented an exciting and empowering description of the good work being done by the Monterey County Black Caucus (MCBC).  MCBC’s mission is to heal and empower the Black community, by providing a safe space for Monterey County residents to unpack and reflect upon current and historical issues by cultivating leadership through resident information/resource/education sessions and mentorship. MCBC also advocates for racial equity and inspiring Black culture through creative arts and honoring our Ancestors. We learned about who MCBC is and the powerful work they are doing. We learned ways to participate and partner with them to create greater equity within our cities and county.
The Caste Action Alliance was there to learn, participate, and talk about the organization and giveaway Isabel Wilkerson’s book, Caste.

The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice.” ~ Bryan Stevenson